Opine Season

Minnesota's co-op op-ed page

About Opine Season

Opine Season is a co-op op-ed page featuring a core collective of engaged writers and artists and occasional guest columnists. Opine Season launched March 4, 2013, with plans to ramp up to a twice-daily publishing schedule by May 2013.

Our founders developed Opine Season as a platform for smart, strong, provocative voices of conviction. As a diverse collective, we hope to fill a gap left by mainstream media outlets that are disinterested and uncomfortable devoting space to informed, forceful opinions. Over time, we hope to shape awareness, thought, dialogue and policy around a variety of social, civic, personal and public issues.

Here are our core writers and when you’ll find new work from them on Opine Season. Several of our writers also actively blog on their own, and you’ll find some of their pieces published on both Opine Season and the writers’ core sites.

Monday — Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre • Thadra Sheridan

Tuesday  Vina Kay • Matt Peiken

Wednesday — Chaun Webster • Ricardo Levins Morales

Thursday — Kao Kalia Yang • Brian Lambert


EMAIL: info@opineseason.com

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/opineseason

TWITTER: @OpineSeason

Publishing your comments: We invite your thoughts, ideas and words. However, in the spirit of community and to further productive dialogue, we reserve the right to withhold any comments we deem inappropriate or needlessly inflammatory. Our goal is to foster thoughtful, influential discourse across communities and cultures.
Opine Season’s founders are actively seeking another female voice for our core collective. If interested, please send a letter and examples of your opinion writing to info@opineseason.com

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