Get out of your comfort zone and be the foreigner in the room

If more Americans learned about the world on a micro level, more of us would support environmental, trade and other policies at a macro-level that affect other nations for the better.

Murder of Sam DuBose doesn’t make Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing a murderer

I wouldn’t call Ray Tensing a murderer for the same reason I wouldn’t call myself a liar, though my lies certainly outnumber the deaths at Tensing’s hands.

It takes more than a key to open the door to restorative justice

In a battleground state during a presidential election year, Republicans and Democrats teamed up to pass a practical solution to a major cause of poverty. Now it’s up to people outside the state legislature to act on it.

In the name of renewal, is OTR losing its sense of place?

What happens to a place when it is rebuilt on newness and the tingle of excitement that comes from “revitalization” and “renovation” and “urbanization”? The lasting qualities of OTR come from its roots, I believe, and honoring them. And to be frank, I’m a bit worried we’re forgetting them.

At Asylum Tattoo, people also leave with new impressions beneath the skin

The tattoo artists I’d met—men and women—were covered head to toe in various symbols and colors, sometimes pierced, sometimes not, but always unfriendly. Then I met James, owner of Asylum Tattoo.

Are you biting? Or am I influencing? Ask Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke

Painters take ideas from other painters, designers take ideas from other designers and DJs take ideas from other DJs. It’s the nature of the creative field.

There’s a difference between serving and saving your community

Open Engagement 2015 allowed me to see, in real time, what this world can be when people are open to working together, putting aside their subjective perspectives to reach a common goal—positive inclusive change within their communities.